This is a cover of a song by the band Death (the one from Detroit), whose incredible and inspiring story is told in a movie called "A Band Called Death". You can find out more about what those guys are up to at: deathfromdetroit.com

Tracked May 18th, 2015 by Toshi Kasai at the same session for the album the Art of Murder. Mixing was done at Sound of Sirens between June 12th- July 28th. 2015 by Toshi Kasai.

We love this cover, but it didn't fit with the record at all, so we sat on it until we (well, Conan) forgot about it completely. Oh! I just remembered, through a strange set of circumstances that only be described as "borderline delusional" Tony and Conan became obsessed with the idea of David Lee Roth of Van Halen not just singing a song with us, but singing this one. It isn't as far fetched as you would imagine as we had a solid "in" with Diamond Dave, Los Angeles is a hell of a place, and it's a kick ass song.

David Lee Roth singing a Death cover with us, can you imagine?
Well, keep imagining because that's Conan singing it instead. Sorry.

Zach Hench made the "tribute" style artwork in the style of the excellent record "...for the Whole World To See" on Drag City. Catalog #toocoolfordownloadcodes

All of this is done with nothing but the most love and respect to the Hackney brothers and all involved and a gentle reminder for all of us to Keep On Knocking, you never know who might be listening.


f I can remember
It was you who didn't wanna see my face
If I can remember
It was you who put me in my place
You gettin' down and out
Now you wanna' be with me
Well I got news for you
That ain't the way it's gonna' be

You thought that me and you
Were just a big game
But now you're back for more
And I done forgot your name
I'm sorry baby
It had to end like this
You know we tried
Baby we just missed

Keep on knockin', keep on knockin' on the door
Keep on knockin', keep on knockin' on the door
Keep on knockin', keep on knockin' on the door
Keep on knockin', keep on knockin' on the door
Keep on knockin', keep on knockin' on the door

I bet you're wondering
How I got along without you
For your information
So many things I could do
If what you're hoping
That what I'm sayin' ain't true
Well then baby
Then find somebody new



from Perfectly Reasonable Deviations from the Beaten Track, released August 4, 2017
Engineering/Production: Toshi Kasai
Vocals/Guitar: Conan Neutron
Bass: Tony Ash
Drums: Dale Crover
Guitar: Toshi Kasai




Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends Oakland, California

Conan Neutron, Tony Ash and Dale Crover play rock music directly to your earholes. Featuring members of Replicator, MELVINS, Trophy Wives. Coliseum, and more.


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