Mastering was done at Chicago Mastering Company by Bob Weston: December 2017

Art and layout by Chris Wiliams

Label: Seismic Wave Entertainment
SW017 - Seismic Wave Entertainment. 2018


Never trust the Perfect King
He’s not as kindly as he seems
You're at his mercy, in his grace
Know the limits, know your place

Easy with a compliment
He’ll make you feel like a prince
And he will promise you the crown
Then pass you over for his own

Allies are shifting all the time
You stand on sand and if you slip
You’re left behind

All eyes are on you day and night
And you'll be judged on a grudge
Not for a crime

Never cross the Bitter Queen
Cause she remembers everything
And when you think you've won her trust
She'll throw you underneath the bus

They will take you everywhere
You’ll get a taste
You'll breathe the air
And you will get used to their ways
And soon become the thing you hate

Allies are never on your side
Unless your interests should happen to align
All lies reveal themselves in time
But you’ll be gone long before you're proven right


from Protons and Electrons: Atom 3 - RECANT! / Thoughts Detecting Machines - Alllies, released April 30, 2018
Channeled by Rick Valentin at Studio Tedium February 2017




Conan Neutron & The Secret Friends Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Conan Neutron, Tony Ash and Dale Crover play rock music directly to your earholes. Featuring members of Replicator, MELVINS, Trophy Wives. Coliseum, and more.


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